To Fix a Broken Future


I’ve always been a big fan of X-Men franchise. In fact, I put the franchise on top of Avengers, DC, or any other “superheroes” series of movie available in the market. Sure, I never read any of its comic (In fact I never read any single comic at all), but I love the idea of X-Men existence: World against Us, and we are given choices on how will we deal with it.

Yet, the 2014 release, X-Men: Days of Future Past is a dime. It is a personal dime, however, for some parts really speaks to me in my inner self. In fact, I got myself an internal cry when I left the theatre after the movie ended.

The idea of time-traveling is one of my favourite, although I prefer movies to portray what is past look like since we can give a nearly correct interpretation of the past. Based on experience, human in movies is always incapable of portraying the future precisely, and it will never change, not with our obsession with futuristic imagery of the future.

There is also a scene where young Xavier (James McAvoy) meets his older self (Patrick Stewart). They both call each other “Charles”, and having some momentous talks which decide both character’s fate in the later minutes. They talked, they argued, they got angry on each other. Both selves had lost something and meeting their other selves gives those things back. I got myself thinking, “A chat with a younger/older version of you? Who doesn’t want that? After all, we will listen more to nobody but ourselves.”

(One thing, there are some parts of the plot that may over-portray future consequences of one’s action, but maybe there were some elements of truth on it. Talk about butterfly effect eh)

Once again, I can’t get myself enough on stating that this is the best X-Men movie to date. Good plot. Good quotes. Good casts. Good director. Good continuity. Everything. Hands down.



Ever since I know this character for not-so-long-ago, I believe there is part of me who feels connected with this persona. The character is a projection of who I wan’t to be, my very own self in an ideal point of view.

His name is Slade Wilson, a tactical genius mercenary who can use 90% capacity of his brain.  He appears regularly in DC Comics publications, known to have several conflicts with Batman, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, and the entire Justice League. Wilson is actually just a human, but with enhanced mind, reflexes, strength, speed, senses, and healing. He is known with his signature costume of blue with some dashes of orange, also with his trademark bicolour mask.

He is known to be arrogant and overconfident about his capability, but then again, he is as good as he thought. Indeed sometimes he is portrayed as a villain, but I see him more of a anti-hero. Who doesn’t beling to any kind of group and stand by his own, yet people still come to him. He is a lone wolf everyone needs.

Quoting his personality from DC Beginnings,

Frankly, Deathstroke is a jerk, he was always a cocky and arrogant prick and he will remain so until the day he dies. He hates almost everything for no apparent reason and he seems to hate people the most and that’s probably the reason why he likes killing so much. Deathstroke does his best to try and make things logical seeing that emotions can get in the way of business and this was proved right time and time again. Deathstroke also hates authority, he defies it with everything he’s got. As a mercenary he has the right to do so seeing that he is the one that does the job… This aspect of his personality makes people who hire him hate him so much.

Contrary to general opinion, Arrow’s version of Deathstroke really bugs me off. Although he is portrayed by Manu Bennett very well, but I don’t like the way he is written. Deathstroke doesn’t seek vengeance with a weak reason such as love. Deathstroke doesn’t went raged out. He is a mercenary for hire, someone who is trained to kill. But then, maybe he’s just on his way on becoming the Deathstroke we all know from the comic books.

My Digital Life


I always have an admiration for the geeks, even I’m not much of one. Well, I sometimes went digital for doing stuffs but pretty much everything I know about this part of life comes from Google. Still, it is also a part of life we have to celebrate.

  1. I Enjoy using Ubuntu, that’s that far of a geek I can be. In fact, I did most of my office works with Ubuntu and not using Windows. It’s far less distracting, and way smoother too. It’s like I have a student’s version of Macbook. I can be focused on my works better and sometimes makes me wonder, why would anyone willing to pay for an OS while you can do almost all of your basic computer stuffs with a free yet awesome one.
  2. I am a casual reader of Reddit, in my opinion it is a wider window to information than forum platform mostly used in my country, Kaskus. I met awesome people with mind-blowing ideas there.
  3. I’m a Google fanboy. Practically everything I use on the internet is a google-based service. You name it. Android, GMail, Notes, Picasa. There are some exceptions, though, in which I chose Dropbox over Drive for cloud storage, and WordPress over Blogspot (duh) for online journals.

I know this post doesn’t automatically make me deserve to bear the geek title, but for time being, I’d be happy to call myself a casual geek.

My Drinking Style


I developed a personal taste for alcoholic beverages. There are tons of them yet only the special few can be put on my favourite’s list. Here they are:

I love beers. Specifically, lager beer. More specifically, Heineken. I mean, if there is another type or brand of beer on the table, I’d still drink it, but Heineken is my top choice. It gives the right crisp, sophisticatedly refreshing. and has the perfect beer colour. Beer is my casual drink, and it will always be.

I’m not into spirits or liquors. You may name it. International or locals. That Jack, those Ketel, or This Absolut. It’s just doesn’t get me. I’d love to elaborate more on this paragraph but I’m not good at putting my obnoxity in written form. I can drink those, but I just don’t get the purpose nor meaning. Hey, I took this side of life philosophically, too.

Wine is my weak point. Give me any kind of wines and you will get me. I love the art of drinking wine–the shaking of the glass, the aroma smelling, the taste savouring–it speaks to the deepest side of my ethanol life. Oh, my side of that “great wine battle”? Red. Cabernet for the win.

I treat my drinks like a curator treats his arts, it is our manifestation of life.

Google Play: Where did I spent my money on

google play

When I was in the U.S., I bought Google Play Gift Card at $30 value. Gave the tenner to my sister and topped up the rest to my account. I originally bought it to buy eBooks by Wayne Rooney, my favourite football player. Turns out the price for the book is way cheaper than I thought, and so I have the rest $18 in my account, waiting to be spent.

At first, I bought Nova Launcher for $4. I’ve been a big fan of this launcher for a very long time. It’s just sleek, smooth, and minimalistically beautiful.

The second, Lumos for $2. It is an icon pack to change your current icons into more sophisticated ones. Turns out, another money well spent. Everytime I contact the developer to make icon for certain apps, it is straightly included in the next update. And they do it often.

Third, Falcon Pro for $2. Simply the best Twitter client around. I’m not that into fancy design and stuffs, and I appreciate minimalist design and smooth transition. The client speaks to the inner part of my design side. The fact that it already used up its Twitter API limit shows us that this is one outstanding app that you just can’t ignore.

Fourth, Press for $3. Another well-designed app functioning as RSS Reader. You can easily import your Feedly account here and read your daily news in a beautiful way. Functionally speaking? You won’t regret.

Fifth, Shuttle+ for a buck. A new music player on the store. Bought it cause I simply love the layout. Oh, and it has sleep timer, too.

Got another $6 in my pocket right now, see if I can find other apps that might worth the bucks. I’ll keep you informed.